What is it?

Elula Management System is a comprehensive end-to-end business management system.  It is designed to provide structure and efficiency in accordance with internal business requirements as well as statutory guidelines.


Who is the target market?

Elula has been developed specifically for South African entrepreneurs looking for an easy-to-use, inexpensive system to manage their start-up and guide them through the registration, running and requirements of their business. Incubators and similar accelerator enterprises would find Elula valuable in monitoring and guiding their entrepreneurs.


How does it work?

Elula provides a seamless, organised flow for business management and a central hub that allows for legislative updates. It includes dashboards, checklists, reminders and wizards to aid in navigating all business requirements.


Why do you need it?

In an environment where South African entrepreneurs often struggle with access to structural tools and business management software in the start-up phase, Elula is designed to meet these needs in a way that current competitors are unable to do to the same degree. With end-to-end customer, financial and staff management capabilities, Elula is positioned to become an essential tool for South African entrepreneurs.

Financial management

Invoicing and debt control
Recording of expenses
Time recording
Management reports

Statutory requirements

Calendar of reminders
Shortcuts to required submissions
Guides/checklists to requirements

Project Management

Scheduling and task management
Budgeting and cost control
Resource allocation

Staff Management

Employee information tracking
Time recording
Performance tracking
Leave management